4BB™ SunScript® Reverse Transcriptase

4BB™ SunScript® Reverse Transcriptase is a reverse transcriptase with RNA and DNA dependant polymerase actions engineered for high thermostability and absence of RNaseH activity. The elimination of RNaseH activity allows high yields of full length cDNA synthesis on long RNA molecules with complex secondary structures, through a market leading thermostability allowing the enzyme to be active up to temperatures of 85°C. These unique characteristics allow full synthesis of cDNA of up to 11kb in only five minutes.

Through lyophilization, the Lyophilized 4BB™ SunScript® Reverse Transcriptase Kit is preserved in such a manner as to maintain full integrity while making the enzyme more robust, allowing ambient temperature shipping. This greatly reduces cost and ease of transport.

4BB™ SunScript® Reverse Transcriptase  is supplied in a box, with sufficient amount for either 10, 50 or 200 reactions. The box also includes 5X Reaction Buffer and 0.1M DTT. Contents are provided in clear, screw cap tubes with color coded lids as referenced in the table below.

Shipping and Storage
The 4BB™ SunScript® Reverse Transcriptase Kit is shipped in dry ice, while the 4BB™ Lyophilized SunScript® Reverse Transcriptase is shipped at ambient temperature. Upon receipt, it should be stored immediately at -20°C in a non frost free (constant temperature) freezer. If stored correctly, the product can be kept for at least six months after shipping without displaying any reduction in performance. For longer periods of time, store the kit at -80°C.

Technical Specifications
4BB™ SunScript® Reverse Transcriptase has been tested to be free of endonucleases, exonucleases and ribonucleases. The purity of the enzyme is guaranteed to be higher than 95%. The enzyme and reagents have been tested for amplification of 16Kb first strand cDNA for 60min at 65°C.

Quality Control
Each batch of 4BB™ SunScript® Reverse Transcriptase is tested against predetermined specifications to ensure consistent product quality.

Intended Use
4BB™ SunScript® Reverse Transcriptase is intended for molecular biology and in vitro use only.

Kit Contents

DescriptionCap color10 reactions50 reactions200 reactions
SunScript® RT RNaseH-Orange1 x 15µl1 x 75 µl1 x 300 µl
5X Reaction BufferYellow1 x 40µl1 x 200 µl1 x 800 µl
DTTWhite1 x 20µl1 x 100 µl1 x 400 µl

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